Blood Diamonds

Here is a newsflash for some people who haven’t been paying attention since 2002….

Sierra Leone’s war is over…

blood diamonds

Sierra Leone’s “Blood Diamonds” are in the past…

Today, the African people need the rest of the world to look at diamonds as things of beauty and for people to feel good about diamonds! To discriminate against African diamonds in favor of “ethical diamonds” from modern, highly developed non-African countries does not help the people in Africa build hospitals, roads, and schools.

Several years ago, I had the honor of hearing a speech from Erkki Nghimtina, Namibian Minister of Mines and Energy. I referred back to my notes, along with some informational handouts from the speech… and here is the African’s current view of the diamond trade-

“Every diamond not purchased is a missed chance for Africa – a missed opportunity to send more children to school, build more clinics and hospitals, and continue the fight against HIV/AIDS. Our challenge is to work together to strengthen the continent’s diamond industry so that we can better provide for our people, enabling us all to share a brighter future.”

Blood Diamonds

#1- The tragedy of Sierra Leone’s civil war is over and the chapter is closed on blood diamonds. There are currently no conflicts going on where “blood diamonds” are fueling any type of unbelievable inhumanity as was witnessed in Sierra Leone.

#2- You will be able to buy diamonds with the confidence that you will not be getting any type of blood diamonds…. in fact, when you do buy diamonds you will most likely be helping these developing countries build new roads, hospitals, and schools.

#3- Here is a link to additional information about “conflict diamonds”.